Digital Legacy: Accessing the digital world of your loved one

I’ve mentioned digital legacies already in this blog: Here and here. In this section, I will be writing, uploading and linking to some practical information about digital legacies.

There are two aspects to this: One is accessing the digital legacy of our loved one who has passed away. Second is the preparation of our own digital legacy.

Before I go any further, I want to acknowledge that much of the content in this section is courtesy of Vered (Rose) Shavit, author of Death In The Digital Era: A Useful Guide. Please view the original document on her blog here



To be continued!


I will echo the words of Vered Shavit:

The guide and blog were written out of good will. I do not intend to offer complete, detailed and full solutions for every one of the issues related to this sensitive subject. The information and advice given in this guide and in my blog were written out of a genuine will to assist, and should be considered as recommendations only, without obligation or guarantee. I take no responsibility for actions that may or may not be performed by the readers, based on these recommendations.

Clarification and Disclaimer: This guide was prepared for the purpose of public benefit in order to assist in information sharing only. The guide does not supplant the need for individuals to seek professional, personal and individual consultation with regard to individual cases. I shall not be liable or held responsible for any direct or indirect damages that relates to the content of this guide or the blog. Any person(s) relying on the information in this guide or in the blog does so by choice, any consequences being their sole responsibility.

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