The aloneness of grief

The “aloneness of grief”: you can be alone and lonely, but you can also be alone and glad to be in solitude, and most bereaved people experience both at times.


A brown stroller, calamities and living: post surgery reflections

If you’ve been following my story, you will already know I’ve just had major surgery – total knee replacement. Between the natural recovery process, other health problems, and rather more painkillers than I am in the habit of taking, I haven’t had a whole of lot energy for doing, but have spent a lot of time reflecting.…

A story that is sad but true: The painful path of the bereaved parent

This is a abbreviated version of an article I wrote several years ago, that’s just been published in Compassion, the quarterly newsletter of The Compassionate Friends. I’ve mentioned before about therapeutic writing. I find that writing is a way of processing emotions; reading back over what you have written earlier can actually be encouraging because you might find that…