Workshops for those who are struggling with life following bereavement

I’ve often written about our successful ‘Living with Loss’ retreats we run. We are now offering another type of event – two-day workshops.

We hope that the fact that these are day events rather than residential will make them more accessible to a greater number of people and less expensive to attend. In order to run these events, we need locations to invite us. These could be churches or community groups.

Here’s a brief explanation and links to further details. Please do share this with anyone you think might be interested.

Our goal is to support people as they find their way forward after life-changing loss.

We run weekend workshops designed for adults 18 and over who are living with loss following bereavement, such as:

  • Widows and widowers
  • Parents who have lost children
  • Adults who have lost parents or siblings
  • Those who have lost close friends or multiple family members.
  • Those bereaved by suicide and other traumatic deaths.

Living with Loss Grief Support Workshops are for 8 to 20 participants. The workshops are a mixture of led sessions, moderated discussions and creative activities, with some gentle Christian content.

We would be happy to come to your church to lead a workshop. Please read on for more information.


Bereavement can be life-changing. There are almost certainly people in your church and community who are struggling since the loss of a close loved one.

They might be facing overwhelming emotions and unanswered questions; they might be dealing with practical and financial changes. They might be lonely, angry, depressed, heartbroken, anxious, sad, feeling guilty, unable to sleep, eating too much or too little, confused, despairing, fearful of the future, or any of the normal processes of grief.

A workshop or retreat cannot answer everyone’s questions nor provide complete relief from the pain of grief, but it can help those who are grieving find ways to express themselves, discover that they are not alone, and explore strategies for continuing on their life’s journey.

So much about grief is unspoken. We provide the opportunity to speak about it in a safe, supportive environment.

It is our hope that the workshop will be a supplement to any other support the participants are already receiving, perhaps from your pastoral team, a counsellor or a peer support group. However, it is also possible that some people might not have been getting any help.

“We recently hosted a ‘Living with Loss’ course at our church. Abi led it in such a sensitive and moving way, that all who came left feeling that they had significantly found a new way of coping with their grief. I would recommend it to anyone who feels they need a safe place to express their grief and are looking for a way to help them see hope as they journey on.” — Sharon Seal, Parish of St Giles and St George, Ashtead in Surrey


  • The workshop consists of 4 sessions, approximately 3 hours each.
  • This is usually spread over the two days of the same weekend, but it can also be held as a “Part 1” and “Part 2” on separate weekends, provided your location is close enough to where we live (Stoke-on-Trent) for this to be practical as far as travelling distance.
  • Within the led sessions, there are opportunities for discussion, some creative approaches and some simple crafts.
  • We provide all of the materials.
  • It is recommended that participants attend every session, if at all possible, but at the very least the first session is essential, as this sets the foundation for the weekend.

[Please note: The event is not appropriate for those who have not been bereaved but are suffering loss from other causes, such as divorce and disability, although the bereaved may also face those issues. In fact many people have multiple layers to their grief.]



Based on the feedback we received from a workshop in June 2019, 100% agreed they were glad they had attended; 100% thought the event was interesting with a good variety of activities, and 100% would recommend this to other bereaved people.

For examples of feedback, please click on this link

If you think a Living with Loss workshop might be of interest to any church or community group you participate in or lead, then please:

Please note: We only do a limited number of events each year. We are presently arranging our schedule for 2020 and have time slots available in January, June and July, and possibly towards the end of the year.

Living with Loss is a member of the National Bereavement Alliance.

Exploring feelings using letter tiles. Grief is unique for each individual, yet there are many common elements. Discovering you’re not the only one who ‘feels like this’ is one of the benefits of a workshop. 



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