How to remain present after death thanks to the internet

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Can the digital legacy become a way to prolong our lives and to be present even after our death?

Millions of us spend long hours online everyday. We read, watch, buy things and get connected to other people through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. The number of our accounts grows each year and there is a lot of sign-up details to be remembered and a lot of assets like photos, documents and videos that should be protected in case of being deleted and gone forever.

We should be aware that the internet has changed the way we plan our legacy irrevocably. Why? Because if we die or become incapacitated one day our online assets will remain online. The major  internet services like Google, Facebook or Twitter have created some ideas for death planing and give the trusted family members and friends of a recently deceased person an authority to protect the accounts and allow them close your accounts in an adequate way.

But is that enough? We should be aware that nowadays we should not only think about writing a Will but also to create a Digital Will – a set of rules that will help to manage our online assets after our death.

One of the future trends of the internet is death planning. We can now store our precious photos, videos and voice records as well as valuable access to passwords, bank accounts etc. in a professional service that helps to protect your digital legacy in a complex way.

We designate the trusted members of our family or friends to become our Trustees – who will receive our precious digital assets and the ability to manage them after our death. That means we can control our digital life ever after we gone.

Although it may sound a bit creepy (maybe it’s a result of the fact that it’s quite a new thing) you may even send video or text messages to your children that they will be able to open and watch in the distant future like congratulations on their graduation day or the wedding.

That gives us an uprecedented chance to be present, at least in some way, in the lives of our loved ones even after our death.

One of the services that is exploring the concept of the death planning and the digital legacy is (link: If you are curious how does it really look like and become a part of a trend that will definitely become important in the near future you can begin your 3-month free trial today HERE (link:

* Comment from Abi May: Although I have checked out this service as best as I can, and it seems secure to me, I don’t know enough about it to unconditionally endorse it, and I cannot take any responsibility.