Grief, love and life after the loss of a partner

This is a practical post for those grieving the loss of a partner, reflecting on how to cope with some of the many adjustments to be made. We have a future to be reached step-by-step.

Next retreats: Sussex, Devon, Leicestershire

The next Living with Loss event open to all is a weekend retreat at Penhurst Christian Centre in Sussex (25-27 October) – only one room left, but additional space for day guests. Then there’s a week event at Lee Abbey in Devon (4-8 November). Places are limited and our events at Lee Abbey in particular…

Bereaved by Suicide

This post is a follow on to the previous article on depression, treatment, and the depressed Christian. Celebrity deaths by suicide often precipitate another round of public discussion about depression, mental illness, and the importance of talking about our problems and not just keeping everything inside. There are other topics that come out too, such…

Sent into a tailspin, finding equilibrium: Coping with other people’s responses to our grief.

What words or actions by others have made your grief easier to bear? What words or actions – or inaction – by others have made things more difficult? – A reflection on finding our keep our equilibrium even in the midst of the storm of silly statements, insensitive questions, and thoughtless behaviour.