I’m Abi May and this is my blog.

This blog started as something quite personal, but it has evolved into a site that I hope will be a helpful resource for those who are struggling with grief and loss. Although my own journey in the dark valleys of bereavement have guided me here in the first place, this goes beyond my personal experience.

I am an educator and an author, a retreat leader, a Christian and a doubly-bereaved mother. That means, both of my children died – Pax aged 3, in 1982, and Catherine, aged 30, in 2011. The focus of my working life now is supporting others who grieve. This blog is part of it, but there’s more:

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You can read more about me here
Here’s where you can find my outlook on grief, mourning and living with loss
Here’s information about my Living with Loss project
Find my books and other publications here (other site)
Here’s information about the supportive events and retreats that I lead
If you are interested in helping other people who are grieving, visit here
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The Living with Loss Project is a member of the National Bereavement Alliance.

Gifts to support the Living with Loss project are welcome. Easiest method is to give via PayPal to my email address: livingwithloss[@]btinternet.[com]  (ignore square brackets – they are to foil spammers)

Thank you for your visit!

P.S. The pictures on this website are mostly my own.

If you enjoy the style of this blog, you might like to buy my book A Valley Journal, in 2014. It’s not my own personal journal, but it’s been written to support others in their own journeys through the dark valley.

Ebook (Kindle-compatible, PDF – from Amazon.com)


Paperback, £6.99 from the author or publisher, other sellers vary


Hard cover, colour, illustrated, glossy. £12 from the author. Other outlets vary.

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