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The story of this blog and my book

I didn’t start out intending to write a book, but after the tragic death of my second child, I was left childless, bereft, and hopeless. Writing was one of my therapies; words tumbled out onto the page. Sometimes poems; sometimes reflections; sometimes desperately reaching out for hope. I was in a dark place, and some of my journal writings were too dark to see the light of day. But as time passed, I found writing was helping me to cope with the agony of my grief, and that the content itself had glimmers of hope.

“A Valley Journal” came out of that. I can’t remember at what stage I felt that these writings, with some adjustments, could be useful for others, but once the idea took shape, it was another stage in my journey. Helping others is one way of saving my sanity, and finding a reason to keep breathing. 

I had pretty much finished the draft by the end of 2012, less than 2 years after Catherine’s death. Then started the search for a publisher, or possibly deciding to go it alone. I’ve had some stops and starts, but what I want most of all is to see the book circulating, helping, supporting.

You see, it’s not exactly my journal. The idea is to help you write yours. To help you find your breath, find your footsteps, as you too travel through the agony of grief. 


Now it is 2017. Six years have passed since my beautiful daughter Catherine passed from this life to the next. In those years I have journeyed further through on the pathway of grief, and have now been able to turn around to support others on this most difficult of life’s challenges.

A lot has happened in my life. Three years after Catherine died, my brother and mother both died within a month of each other. Then, one year after that, I discovered I had kidney cancer. There has been a lot of time for reflection and recovery. Fortunately at this moment my health has improved and I am busier than I have been.


And a bit more…

  • This blog is more than an extension of the book, but discusses lots of different aspects of bereavement and loss. Some posts are personal but mostly I’m trying to create this as a useful resource for others.
  • I have another blog with light readings on a variety of Christian topics (not connected to bereavement). Click here
  • You can also find out more about me on my personal website  (opens new window)
  • I’m keen to support others on their grief journey. Let me know if I can be a help.
  • Your comments and feedback on this blog are very welcome!
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