Subject index

This subject index has been revised and updated. It now includes articles posted up until 21 May 2020.


Coping with grief during the lockdown

Survival skills we need today are what we used yesterday

Coping with our grief and our thoughts during lockdown

Coping with new bereavement during the lockdown

Getting grief support in the digital world

Can’t visit the cemetery? Grieving at home


Living with loss: coping with our ‘new normal’

The ‘new normal’

  • Living with loss is living. Let’s not only think about surviving; let’s aim to thrive.

Coping with grief: Find what helps, do it, repeat

  • As far as possible, let’s do more of what makes us feel better and less of what makes us feel worse.

The Calendar of Grief

  • The rhythm of the year as we cope with grief

What next? This far and onwards in grief

  • The experience of better moments in the past can help give us hope for the future. Hope won’t answer ‘what’s next’ but it does support us on the journey forwards.

The words we used to describe grief

  • Which sounds better to you: Heal, recover, rehabilitate or integrate?

The intensity of grief eventually changes

  • A reflection on how the intensity of grief does change. Time doesn’t “heal” grief as we will always miss our loved ones, but the raw agony of early grief and the utter bleakness that many of us have struggled with does change, especially if we do the work of mourning.

Activities and ideas for dealing with grief

Solitude in grief

  • Solitude can be a good thing as we take a deep breath and reflect.

Alone in grief – finding peace in our inner spaces

  • Finding our own peace within

Finding relief from the loneliness of grief

Creativity and grief

Remembrance, memories and ‘continuing bonds

Remembering with love

“But I don’t want to remember” – another side of ‘continuing bonds’

  • This post looks at those who have very good reasons for not wanting to keep on remembering. Living with loss does not only mean coping with the death of a person. It can also mean coping with the loss of what a relationship should have been.

Sorting out our ‘virtual shelf’ of memories

  • Finding the good memories to treasure


Difficult issues

Inheritance, treasured objects and family issues

  • Dealing with family disagreements about wills and wishes

Coping with sudden death

  • Some thoughts on coping with the sudden death of a loved one.

The defiant passion of the bereaved parent

  • A post for bereaved parents and those who support them, looking particularly at the campaigns that some parents become involved with, such as the parents of Harry Dunn.



Pages with a collection of articles on a particular topic. Each of these pages has a list of articles and a short summary of what they’re about. 

Shocked! Heartbroken! Readings for the newly bereaved 

  • A collection of articles especially selected for the newly bereaved who are struggling with the initial impact of their loss.

Taking care of yourself when you’re grieving

  • Practical issues for taking care of yourself, even when you don’t feel like it

Memories and Continuing Bonds

  • A collection of blog posts and articles on the topic of our new relationship of memory with our loved one, and includes some of the ‘‘theory’ behind  ‘continuing bonds’.

The unique pain of child bereavement: Readings for parents 

  • Some articles on the impact of losing a child and surviving this agonising bereavement.

Grief and your health

  • A lot of people struggle with their health following bereavement. This post links to articles about the impact that grief can have on our health and ideas of what we can do about it.

Riding the rollercoaster of grief

  • Different aspects of the ups and downs of our grief journey.

Grief is a type of journey – but it’s no walk in the park

  • A series of articles on parallels between grief and journeys. Some are specifically about “The Way” – the popular network of “Camino” pilgrimage routes in Spain – but other routes in the UK are included. Most importantly, this isn’t really about walking or journeying, but about living with loss.



Living with loss: when a loved one dies


Your life after their death


Getting support when you’re grieving


Life strategies – some ideas for helping yourself 

Coping with “special days” – birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries


Particular challenges


Family and friends 


How long is this going to last?



Losing a partner

Sudden deaths, including by suicide

Mental illness & those with troubled lives



Grief and Faith

(A new series that will be continued)

They’re not here and that’s why we miss them




My story




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