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Living with Loss: Finding the way through grief
Life and survival strategies
“Continuing Bonds” – Relationship through memory
Coping with “Special Days” – Christmas, etc.
Particular challenges
Getting support when you’re grieving
The forward view

Particular types of loss:
Losing a child or children
Losing a partner
Sudden deaths, including by suicide
Mental illness

Christian perspectives on grief and loss

More to think about:
Our unique experience of loss
The emotional rollercoaster
How long is this going to last?

On supporting people who are grieving

Personal perspectives


Life and survival strategies

Being kind to yourself

Survival strategies

Deck of cards and unbottling

Finding the stillness in grief

Bird-watching and grief

The pausing of grief

Waking up

Self-identities and taking a break from grief

On the freshly – painted bench

Is the glass half-full, half-empty or something else instead?

“Continuing bonds” – relationship through memory

A focal point for grief (and a poem)

The next time someone advises you to “move on”, send them here to learn about “continuing bonds”

Memory treasures: Photos

The unfinished scarf

Thomas Steinbeck, Chow Yong Fat and digital legacies

Digital Legacy: Accessing the digital world of your loved one

Vic’s bedside picture


The geography of grief

Coping with “special days” – birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries

Not failing at Christmas

Christmas perplexities if you’re living with loss

At the dawning of a new year

Getting ready for Christmas, when the one you love is no longer here

Teardrops replacing baubles: “Say their name at Christmas”

Particular challenges

Grieving multiple losses

Sent into a tailspin, finding equilibrium: Coping with other people’s responses to our grief.

Inquests (in England and Wales)

Griefbursts: Moments of mad grief

Getting support when you’re grieving

The solidarity of grief

Grief counselling – it can help

The forward view

Plotting the future; priorities in a grief journey

Starting again after loss — can it be done?

Barnie the dog, & a reflection on the future of grief.

The path of aloneness: we can manage


Parents losing a child or children

A story that is sad but true: The painful path of the bereaved parent

The bereaved father

Parents with no surviving children: “Aging without children”

Loss and loneliness – more on “Aging without children”

Grieving on Mother’s Day

Mothering Sunday post for bereaved mothers: Our children live on in us

The poetry of grief

Profound joy, profound sadness

Losing a partner

One step at a time; life and grief after the loss of a partner.

Coping with the loss of a partner

Sudden deaths, including by suicide

The pain of sudden death

Bereaved by suicide

Mental illness

Is the glass half-full, half-empty or something else instead? 

A difficult life; a sad ending


The little mercies of grief

Living with loss, but living with hope

“Finding closure” and “moving on” – a Good Friday reflection.

Spring equinox; grief at Easter

Mourning deeply

Alongside one another

Breathless waiting


Our unique experience of loss

Life-changing loss: Walking a different path, missing a limb

If: Dealing with the ‘if’s of grief

The uniqueness of each grief experience

The emotional rollercoaster

Confused grief: It’s okay to cry

The salve of pessimism: Taking life a moment at a time

Problems of positive thinking and grief

How long is this going to last?

The Window that Vanished

The Calendar of Grief

Summer has ended, autumn begins. Does grief have a timeline?

The longevity of grief: Mind the gap


Helping a grieving friend (cartoon)

Over the line – the grief companion marathon


Profound joy, profound sadness

The Before and After-ness of grief

The aloneness of grief

Perspectives: reading the view (A walk in the Lake District)

Scotland tour: Memorials, grief and love

Pax is 38 today! Happy Birthday!

Time to grieve, space for a breather

Tiles on an old church roof

The shipping forecast

Trying something new

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