The defiant passion of the bereaved parent

As the parent of a child who died an avoidable death, we might be highly motivated to campaign for change. This is an appropriate way of honouring our child’s memory.
But we should be aware that the heights of passion and defiance that are energising us now will likely be followed by low times.
Whether we “succeed” or not in our campaign , ultimately we are faced with the sadness of our child’s absence. Finding how to live without them is the challenge we now face.


Cover article from Lee Abbey Magazine: Grief, a Journey Through the Seasons

The September issue of Lee Abbey’s Magazine ‘Rapport’ features my article on grief. Download here from this link: Grief – a Journey Through the Seasons (PDF)  Or read online on the Lee Abbey Website It’s quite a good synopsis of issues we discuss at our Living with Loss Retreats. It’s been getting great reactions. See what…

Families fractured by grief: differences and difficulties

(This is a post about family conflicts following bereavement, a topic that frequently comes up with people I meet.) Our individuality is expressed in our relationships We are all so many people, aren’t we? Simultaneously perhaps a brother/sister, son/daughter, spouse, cousin, nephew/niece, aunt/uncle, grandparent/grandchild, friend/colleague, etc., etc. We have our professional side and we have…