Funerals and the grief that endures

A funeral is a day we survive, but our grief goes so much further than that. Friends and family, please take note!


Families fractured by grief: differences and difficulties

(This is a post about family conflicts following bereavement, a topic that frequently comes up with people I meet.) Our individuality is expressed in our relationships We are all so many people, aren’t we? Simultaneously perhaps a brother/sister, son/daughter, spouse, cousin, nephew/niece, aunt/uncle, grandparent/grandchild, friend/colleague, etc., etc. We have our professional side and we have…

Easter hopes – whispers and shouts

A post for those interested in a Christian outlook. It’s Friday, the day we commemorate the death of Jesus. Tomorrow is Saturday, a time of waiting. And then Sunday arrives. The sun will rise and many millions of people around the world will celebrate Christ’s victorious rising from the dead. We greet each other: “Christ…