One step at a time; life and grief after the loss of a partner.

This is a practical post for those grieving the loss of a partner, reflecting on how to cope with some of the many adjustments to be made. We have a future to be reached step-by-step.


The pausing of grief

I wrote about the relentless waves of grief in my book, but as ever, there is another side. Waves move incessantly, but they not only push forward, but sometimes they draw back. Sometimes the wind and unseen forces drive the waves so they crash  loudly foaming on the shore. Other times they arrive at the…

Grieving multiple losses

A post dedicated to those who might be feeling confused and even overwhelmed as they struggle to the navigate the journey through grief following multiple losses.   Recently I attended a general memorial service at a church. This was primarily for those who had lost a loved one in the past 2 years, although others…