Digital legacy section updates

I’ve put quite a bit more into the digital legacy section. Hope it will be useful for someone. There is so much more that could be written but it’s a little bit of practical advice, mostly gleaned from others who are way more expert than I am.

Privacy concerns and other considerations

How to mourn and commemorate virtually (Digital Memorials)

Accessing a device

Accessing online accounts

Accessing websites and email

Facebook: Memorialisation, and other issues

Preparing your own digital legacy

Life can be a struggle as we miss our loved ones daily. Many of us have experienced that finding ways of continuing bonds helps us cope with their absence. Maintaining a digital relationship, through postings or pictures, through messages or blogs, can be an important part of this.

It’s also nice to bear in mind that an online community can be just as real as a physical one. In today’s world, where so many people move around, a digital memorial may be visited more frequently than a physical location, and might even last longer.


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