A Valley Journal: The Book

book picA Valley Journal is a book designed to support the reader through their bereavement journey. It contains short writings and poetry inspired by my own grief journey, but most importantly, it includes prompts so that you can reflect on your own loss, facing the challenges and seeking your own peace. It is faith-based (Christian) but this is presented gently and it is not necessary to be a “believer” in order to benefit.

Paperback, colour  and e-book editions are all available.

You can buy the paperback (£10 including P&P to UK addresses) and colour hard cover edition (£16 including p&p) directly from me, or from any of the links below.

The e-book (kindle compatible) is only available from Amazon.


Links to buy (may be different prices):

Ebook and paperbook editions on Amazon.co.uk

Direct from the publishers

A Valley Journal can also be bought from any Waterstones in the UK (they will order it in for free for you), and many Christian bookshops.

Here’s the info you will need: A Valley Journal, by Abi May, Published by Onwards and Upwards Publishers. ISBN: 978-1-907509-99-5

More about A Valley Journal

If you would like to buy the paperback edition directly from me, please contact me:

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