Christmas perplexities if you’re living with loss

Thoughts on managing the Christmas season if you’re living with a broken heart through bereavement, and thoughts on supporting your friends in that position.


Living with the gap

A more personal blog post will follow, so these links are just for starters. Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, lost his oldest daughter 30 years ago, so he knows what he’s talking about concerning untimely bereavements. He makes some good points about “not getting over it” but rebuilding your life, living with that aching gap, the…

A story that is sad but true: The painful path of the bereaved parent

This is a abbreviated version of an article I wrote several years ago, that’s just been published in Compassion, the quarterly newsletter of The Compassionate Friends. I’ve mentioned before about therapeutic writing. I find that writing is a way of processing emotions; reading back over what you have written earlier can actually be encouraging because you might find that…