The defiant passion of the bereaved parent

As the parent of a child who died an avoidable death, we might be highly motivated to campaign for change. This is an appropriate way of honouring our child’s memory.
But we should be aware that the heights of passion and defiance that are energising us now will likely be followed by low times.
Whether we “succeed” or not in our campaign , ultimately we are faced with the sadness of our child’s absence. Finding how to live without them is the challenge we now face.

A story that is sad but true: The painful path of the bereaved parent

This is a abbreviated version of an article I wrote several years ago, that’s just been published in Compassion, the quarterly newsletter of The Compassionate Friends. I’ve mentioned before about therapeutic writing. I find that writing is a way of processing emotions; reading back over what you have written earlier can actually be encouraging because you might find that…