What readers have said about “A Valley Journal”

These first reviews are from those who read a pre-publication version of the book. It was the early comments that gave me the courage to go forward with publication.

From Clotilde M. V. September 2013

Losing my 19 yr old daughter has been the worst nightmare I have ever lived. There are no words to describe the excruciating pain that tore me apart. Not even my faith could pull me through. Then Abi May sent me a draft of her “Valley Journey”. Knowing that she had lost both of her children and mustered the strength to actually write a book made me hold on to every word. In my personal journey through the valley of the shadow of death, I found that meeting someone who understands, who has walked that same path, made all the difference in the world.  Reading through “The Valley Journey” was for me a lifesaver my drowning spirit could hold on to. It was a friendly voice whispering, “I’ve been there before, I’ll walk with you.” It was a lamp that lit every dark crevice, step by step, as I journeyed on. It’s been a shoulder I could cry on. It’s been a strong hand that pulled me out the abyss I was falling into, out of the quick sands that were swallowing me. When exhaustion had drained every ounce of strength out of me, it would gently suggest, “Come and sit and rest a while.” When my throat was parched from too much crying, it would bring to my lips a drink of fresh water.

“The Valley Journey” is gentle, deep, tender, understanding, non-judgmental, and so very real. It filled my desperate need, and now, almost two years after living that tragedy, I can honestly say that I have come out of the oppressive darkness of the valley and stepped into a more peaceful meadow, where the memory of my daughter is ever so present, yet in sweet anticipation of the day when we will be reunited, somewhere over the rainbow.

“The Valley Journey” is a must-read by anyone who has lost a loved-one, particularly a child. It will help save your sanity and your life.


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