Last chance! Sign up for Grief Companion Training (starts 27th April on Zoom)

Thank you so much for the Grief Support course.  The 6 sessions were well planned and structured, with prayer ideas and resources included.  … I would certainly recommend the course to others.  It worked really well on Zoom … Above all your gentle and authentic presence and input has been gratefully received.”

Do you lack confidence in supporting your friends and family who are grieving? Unsure if their grief is ‘healthy’ or not? Unsure what to say or not to say? If this is you, then you might want to come along to the next Grief Companion Training course.

The training is interactive with opportunities to discuss, contribute and ask questions. We look at the experience of grief and how we can support those who are grieving from practical perspectives, though we also include some Christian perspectives which makes this training a little bit unique.

I repeat this course once or twice a year, depending on numbers. Hopefully we’ll start again on Wednesday 27th April. If you’d like to take part, please register here. (Presently we still need 2-4 more people in order to run the course – so if you’re interested, please do register now! Otherwise it will be postponed until later in the year.)

The programme

  • Living with Loss: Understanding grief
  • Expressions and experiences of grief
  • Goals of grieving and the duration of grief
  • Continuing bonds of love
  • The language of grief
  • Walking alongside grief

You can find out more about the content of the course at this link:

The details

The sessions will start at 4:30 pm (the meeting room is open 15 minutes earlier for chatting) on  

  • We will use the Zoom video conferencing platform for this training.
  • There will be six sessions each lasting 1 ½ hours. (I suggest you try to make yourself available for a full 2 hours if you can, as we open the room 15 minutes early for chatting, and there is 15 minutes at the end for questions and recapping.)
  • You will also receive notes and links with recommended reading after each session.

Taking part

  • Registration is required.
  • There is a maximum of 12 places on the course.
  • There is a one-time fee of £30 (The first session is free – giving you a chance to see if you’d like to continue)


  • Participants will need a device to see the screen, preferably a tablet or computer. (Phone in participation is not possible.)
  • You will need Zoom installed on your device. Zoom is free and easy to use.

Good news! We are in the UK, but you do not have to be a UK resident to attend. We have chosen a time of day that we hope will make this course accessible for those in other parts of the world, and we often have participants from the USA in particular.

Please note: If you are presently struggling with your own grief, then this course will not be suitable for you. Also, we do not recommend this course if you have suffered a significant bereavement within the past 18 months. If you have any questions about this – or anything else – please get in touch.

Registration details can be found here (opens new window)

Feedback from participants

“Another enjoyable but challenging session”

“Thank you for these sessions – they really are informative and useful.”

“I have appreciated every aspect of the course and can’t really think of anything I would have wished to be different. Each session was about the right length, and using Zoom was an effective way of making the teaching available. It was a practical course with plenty of realistic ideas, and there were good visual illustrations. I liked the way you ensured there was plenty of time for repetition and recap. I also appreciated the Biblical perspective. Thank you so much for the course, for making it available and for your gentle and wise teaching. I will most definitely recommend it to others.”

“It was more than I expected.  I think you were very sensitive to the possible  needs of everyone on the course and from the outset invited dialogue via email or zoom both with any questions that arose or with areas that touched us personally. That was welcome and helpful to receive your response. I would recommend the course to others and would include that care and compassion if they were in anyway anxious.”

“What stood out for me was the range of teaching for differing situations – it’s not a one step covers all. … For me there was much that applied to my situation and much that I can use in my community – feel comfortable about approaching the bereaved.”

A long path with not a soul in sight (taken on St Cuthbert’s Way in Northumberland).

Grief can be a lonely and isolating experience. We can each make a difference to those who are grieving by being a companion to them. That’s what this course is about.

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