Remembering with love on All Soul’s Day

It’s coming up to November 2nd – All Soul’s Day – a day when many of us will visit loved one’s graves to remember them, although in some traditions this might have taken place on October 31st. (“All Hallow’s Eve”, more commonly referred to as Halloween.)

As Wikipedia helpfully explains, “All Souls’ Day commemorates All Souls, the Holy Souls, or the Faithful Departed; that is, the souls of Christians who have died. Observing Christians typically remember deceased relatives on the day. … Beliefs and practices associated with All Souls’ Day vary widely among Christian churches and denominations.”

Remembering with love.

Commemorating a life that has passed in a way that seems appropriate to you.

It’s not something that happens only on these dates, of course, but it’s part of our daily life.

“Good people are remembered long after they are gone” the Bible tells us. (Proverbs 10:7 CEV)

Actively remembering with our loved ones is often referred to as “continuing bonds”, which is now accepted in professional grief support circles as a healthy and normal part of grief.

In my retreats I sometimes call it “bonds of love”. It represents the connections that we retain even when someone is absent.

There are so many ways that people find to maintain those bonds, and I often post examples on this blog. Here are some links to those I’ve already posted, and a few new ones too.

Links to previous posts on this blog


New articles to read (external links)

Do you have any special remembrance activities? Let us know in comments. New ideas are always welcome.




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