Another passing (my story, continued)

A short personal update

This week my oldest brother died. He was 73. He had not been well for awhile, but the problem went undiagnosed. He walked in to A&E eventually, and never left the hospital, living only another 10 days. It was pancreatic cancer that had spread.

I spent most of his last 12 hours at his side, along with his wife (of almost 50 years) and 5 children, all of whom have children of their own. His passing was peaceful.

He was laid to rest on the same day. He was a good man, loved by many, and is greatly mourned.

This blog started as a personal story, and today is another episode. Catherine died in 2011. My brother John and my mother died in 2014. Now Simon has died. It is 2021. A decade of living with loss, but also living. This is all we can do. Live the best we can day by day. Live our best life.

And no matter our personal life journey and wrong or right turns made, no matter our individual faiths (or non faiths), let’s hold on to that spark of life as long as we have it. Nature’s abundance and beauty are a manifestation of that life, or God as we may call him. And I believe that at the end, this life, transformed in love to another existence, will hold us in peace.

P.S. While I’m here, I also want to pause to remember Father Arul of Bhopal, India, who helped us in our journey to remember my son Pax who died there in 1982. I found out recently that Father Arul died from Covid in March. May he rest in peace. Another good man.

3 thoughts on “Another passing (my story, continued)

  1. So sorry Abi to hear of your very sad loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and all your family.

    Love Hilary xxx


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