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Updates 27 June:
Events: With lockdown restrictions being eased, it looks as though our next few events will go ahead. Please visit the retreat page for the latest.
For those who have already attended a Living with Loss retreat: The ‘Tearoom Gathering’ has been rescheduled for 19 – 23 October, still in the same venue in Shropshire. I am now also hosting Zoom meetings once or twice a week. Please get in touch with me if you want to take part and haven’t received the details.
New ‘Grief Support Awareness Training’ via Zoom: For those who’d like to learn more about supporting those who are grieving , I am running a second ‘Grief Companion’ training course via Zoom, which is full. I’m planning to start another course, sometime around 21st September. This training is designed to equip adults who want to give informal support to those who are bereaved. It is based upon the concept of being a “companion of grief” who will walk alongside the mourner as they adjust to the changed circumstances of their life. This is a course with Christian content and it is based on concepts we explore during the successful ‘Living with Loss’ retreats. There will be 6 weekly sessions of 90 minutes each, and a maximum of 13 participants so that we can have interaction and conversations during the sessions. Those taking part should not have had a significant personal bereavement within the past 18 months. Registration for this event is now open. Find out more here.

I am also open to running a course for the members of a particular church or parish, if that would interest you – this is what I’m doing at present.
Further reading: If you’re looking for things to read on different aspects of grief, and you like the style of this blog, then please do explore the Subject Index which I’ve just updated. You’ll find articles grouped roughly by topic. (I’ve posted about over 250 articles on this blog, although I must admit that some are repeats or updates.)
Coronavirus pandemic: This is a set of articles for those who have been newly bereaved during the pandemic. Please do share with those who might find them helpful.

P.S. This is a non-professional free WordPress blog and I don’t get any advertising revenue. If you see adverts when you visit, they are randomly placed by WordPress. Some people have mentioned that they find the ads distracting. I’m sorry about this. In time, if finances permit, I hope eventually to upgrade to a paid plan which will be ad free.


I wish you well for the summer. Stay healthy and stay safe!

(Updated 27/6/20)

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