News and coronavirus

The unprecedented spread of coronavirus and resultant travel restrictions are causing global disruption, and it seems none of us are untouched.

Our concern first of all are for those who are ill or whose loved ones have died. Our sympathies and prayers go to all those who are suffering.

For the people who read this blog – mostly people who have already been bereaved – we do hope you are well and will remain so. The news of death and illness can bring painful reminders of our own loved ones’ deaths, and many of us might be imagining how this would have impacted them. It might be particularly difficult for those living alone, especially if you need to self-isolate. Those who have lost their husband or wife will feel this acutely. Not being able to go out freely might intensify your grief or loneliness. As far as I know, all of the various helplines are still in operation, so please do give a call if you need to speak with someone.

We are all needing to make adjustments, and I do hope that you will find what you need within yourself to cope. For those of faith, this is certainly time to activate it. I hope to write more about all of this later.

As for John and myself, we are in Portugal with our friend Margaret, waiting for our flight home tomorrow (Thursday). My pilgrimage was brought to an abrupt end by the travel restrictions, and we did not make it all the way to Spain – which under the latest conditions, is a good thing. We are safe and well, thankfully. We have had minimal contact with other people, as we’ve been staying in self-catering apartments and the walks were on quiet lanes, through forests and on coastal boardwalks.

Meanwhile, on the events front, our next retreat at Lee Abbey and the workshops in Romsey and Bridlington have been cancelled. I am very sorry that this has happened, as I know those taking part were really looking forward to them. I have no way of knowing yet about the following event (Briery retreat) but I will write updates whenever there is news. I am hopeful that the Cloverley ‘gathering’ in July will go ahead, but let’s see what happens. These circumstances are beyond our control.

Hopefully my next post will be written from home again. Until then, I wish you well. Be safe and take care of yourself.

One of my final stops on the pilgrimage. A place of prayer, reflection and remembrance in the forest above the river Neiva in the north of Portugal.

One thought on “News and coronavirus

  1. Dear Abi

    A safe journey home to you and John. Sorry we won’t meet at Lee Abbey in April but hope that your “follow-up” retreat can be accommodated in their next programme.

    Keep safe, and God Bless
    David Street

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