A buffet of ideas for coping with Christmas – Part 2

A few more ideas for coping with the Christmas season. Click here for the first part of this series

Each idea below is different in its own way. If these are not relevant for you, maybe you know someone else who could benefit – so please do pass them on.


Go for a walk – the Ramblers Festival of Winter Walks begins on 20th December

You don’t have be a member of Ramblers to join in on these walks. The Ramblers explain:

We’d love you to join us in the winter wanderland, helping you to connect with more people locally, explore beautiful landscapes and discover a new feeling with every walk.

We know the festive season can leave many of us feeling overwhelmed, stressed and disconnected from nature. So, our winter walks can help you unwind on winding paths and let go with every leaf crunched.

Our groups across the country are offering an array of free led festive walks for you to try. From heart-racing hikes to serene strolls, we’ve got a winter wander for you. –

Click here for the Ramblers interactive map of walks

Carols by candelight: Let yourself be moved

Carols by candlelight at a local church is something that many people enjoy. If this is something you’ve attended in the past, you might be concerned that now, in your grieving state, you will start getting emotional. If this is what happens, you are unlikely to be alone. There is something about Christmas that evokes memories both good and bad, and emotions have a way of letting themselves out. This is not a bad thing. A few tears will not spoil anyone else’s Christmas, if that’s something that makes you hesitant. Chances are that you will find some comfort in the atmosphere, and that’s what I hope for you.

Community events on Christmas Day

The charity Reengage have a very useful map of community events being organised around the UK on or around Christmas, including meals. Put your nearest city into the search box, and it will show what’s on. These events are mostly for the elderly. Click here for the map of events

Box sets, books, puzzles and projects 

If you want to escape Christmas entirely, set yourself up in comfort with a fruit bowl, a  plate of non-seasonal biscuits, and something to drink. And then grab your remote and send yourself to a ‘virtual’ remote location. It could be box sets on the BBC iPlayer, All4 or a subscription service like Netflix, a good book you’ve been meaning to read, or a craft project you want to start on. What about a jigsaw puzzle? It does not matter if it feels like the ‘rest of the world’ is partying. If you’d rather be snuggled up in your own space, doing something entirely different, that is perfectly fine. Your choice.

Click here for more about coping with Christmas when you’re grieving

To be continued….

(Please do share in ‘comments’ if you have anything to suggest) 


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