Quick reminders for anyone who has been to a Living with Loss event

Quick reminders to anyone who have been to a Living with Loss Retreat or Workshop, and would like to come back to another event  (updated 12/8/19):

We have two retreats coming up soon that there are still spaces for, but there are only  two weeks left in which to book.

The ‘Gathering’ at the House of the Open Door in Gloucestershire, 20-23rd August. The theme of this event is “One Step at a Time, One Day at a Time” and we will be incorporating activities and walks into our time together, as well as an organised session each day. Please contact me if you’d like to attend. (This event is now full, but if you’re desperate to attend, please get in touch and we can chat about it.)

Living with Loss Part 2 at the Briery in Ilkley, Yorkshire, 6-8 September. This weekend retreat looks at grief from a deeper perspective, exploring some of the issues that can prevent us from walking forward in our lives, such as guilt and anger. (This event is definitely going ahead, although our numbers are small. There is room for more!)

“Each person’s grief journey is unique as a fingerprint or a snowflake.”

(Earl A Grollman)









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