Easter hopes – whispers and shouts

A post for those interested in a Christian outlook.

It’s Friday, the day we commemorate the death of Jesus. Tomorrow is Saturday, a time of waiting. And then Sunday arrives. The sun will rise and many millions of people around the world will celebrate Christ’s victorious rising from the dead. We greet each other:

“Christ is Risen, Alleluia”
“He is Risen Indeed, Alleluia, Alleluia”

Thursday and Friday are days of sadness. On Saturday many will attend services of commitment and renewal of vows. There’s a bit of what I call “breathless waiting”, as the joy of resurrection awaits the next sunrise. Just to make it to sunrise.

Some people are probably simply waiting for a good Easter meal, meeting up with friends and family. Chocolate Easter eggs will be searched for, found and opened.

There’s something about the joy of anticipation. At Easter I naturally reflect on my own hope for my children, that one day I will see them again. I can’t pretend to be someone of steady, great faith, yet that’s what Jesus and Easter is all about. In my saddest moments it is a whispered hope; other times I have more confidence.

I’m not sure that the followers and family of Jesus, gloomy following his execution and burial, even had a whisper of hope. From what I have read, they didn’t expect him to rise from the dead.  They hadn’t understood that bit. They didn’t get it that this terribly bad day, when Jesus was arrested, tried, convicted and then executed, could have any good follow-up.

They were hopeless, I guess. They tucked themselves away in a secure location, afraid for their own safety. Their lack of hope seemed to go hand in hand with fear. They didn’t know that around the corner there would be the greatest sunrise.

What a surprise Sunday brought to them as they were greeted by the resurrected Jesus over the coming hours.

That’s why Easter is so very special. It teaches us that even when we don’t expect it, there is hope.

When we are in our darker times, those ‘dark nights of the soul’, can we believe that better times will come, even when we can’t see it? Can we cling on to even a whisper of faith, that we will be with our loved ones again in the future? That’s what Easter hope is about.

Hope goes beyond feelings – because feelings can suffer from life’s blows. But Easter hope is deep in the soul, quietly whispering,  he conquered death, and because of that we can wait for the better future that is promised.

May the sunrise of Easter break through our sadness and lead us to peace.


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