Our next two retreats: “Living with loss following bereavement”

Last two opportunities in the coming months to attend a “Living with Loss” Retreat!

If you’ve been considering attending a Living with Loss retreat, now might be a good time to make arrangements. We have two events coming up – one in February and one in March, and after that, the next opportunity will be autumn 2019.

This is what’s on offer:

Launde Abbey in Leicestershire, not far from Rutland Water. 18-22 February

This is a week retreat (Monday to Friday) and the retreat will include our usual programme plus craft activities. As it’s spread over almost 5 days, it is at a more relaxed pace. This retreat is filling up. You can book here

The Briery Retreat Centre, in Ilkley, Yorkshire. 22-24 March

This is a weekend retreat, starting before supper on the Friday evening and finishing on Sunday after lunch. This is a cosy building with a lovely meeting room for our retreat.  You can book here (the cost is £155) or visit the Briery website for more details.

During our Living with Loss retreats, we look at topics including:

  • The impact that loss is having on our lives
  • The experience of grief and ways of coping with it.
  • Finding support
  • Managing our lives in our changed circumstances
  • The mosaic of life – remembering our loved one – “continuing bonds”
  • Life strategies – how to go forward in our lives
  • Finding balance in our lives – grieving and living
  • Being kind to ourselves and what that means in practice
  • Tips on coping with special days like anniversaries
  • Ideas for activities and relaxation

(You’ll recognise a lot of these themes from this blog. If you want to read more, have a look at the subject index here.) 

“Living with Loss” is a retreat with a Christian ethos, so we also reflect on some topics through the perspective of faith, which so many of us have struggled with following life-changing loss. There are no cliché’s or simple answers, but an honest look at grief and the Christian, somewhat on the same lines as this blog.

The retreat is interactive; although I lead the sessions, there are opportunities for everyone to participate and share their own experiences, if they wish. It is important too that there is space for personal reflection, so there is time for this, and handouts serve as prompts.

One of the highlights for many is the candle-lighting service “in hope and memory” – which is a time of reflection, songs and prayer for our loved ones but also importantly for ourselves as we journey forwards.

Our retreats are friendly and relaxed, and there is usually plenty of chatting over meals, tea and coffee, and sometimes a glass of wine in the evenings. On the other hand, some people would prefer more personal time and it isn’t necessary to attend every session if you’d rather have some time apart.

Find out more about the retreats on this page.

Besides the calendar of events, on that page you’ll find links to more detailed information about the content of the retreat, FAQs, etc. I’m also happy to answer individual enquiries if you’re not sure if this is something for you, so please get in touch if that’s the case.

I will give the final word here to a participant at one of our recent events:

“I would like to say that I found the time I spent at [the retreat], was a great help in my journey of loss. I thank you for your gentle nature, and understanding of the journey we are all on. I found it all very comforting and helpful in recognising where I am on the journey and it gave me fresh strength to be kind and to think of myself.”


A retreat is an opportunity to be kind to yourself

P.S. Comments from previous participants are always welcome! 


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