Autumn colours

(A short post with lots of pictures)

It’s a lovely time of year to walk here in the UK, with the changing colours of the season and still some warm days.  I am fortunate to live at the edge of a city with countryside at my doorstep, and in half an hour I can be well into the Peak District National Park.

My walks at this time of the year tend to be a bit slower, not because of the pace of walking, but because of how often I stop to take pictures. Besides the colours and shades of light, I’ve been trying to capture images that illustrate my Living with Loss project.

Trees losing leaves are the project logo – the best illustration I could think of – the tree is rooted and its structure remains, but the leaves are lost, just as we live with loss in our own lives, yet we can survive provided we keep rooted in what matters to us – which could be love, could be faith, or something else.

See below for photos.

  • DSC08683

Ashford in Derbyshire


Reflections – reflecting on our past, present and future is part of coping with grief.


220 steps up a hill to reach the cave. A steep climb which is manageable one step at a time. So much like grief!


Blackwell Dale in Derbyshire. Calm waters suddenly tumble. Our life might have been going at a steady flow, but when loss comes into our lives, things can take a dramatic turn.


The view from the cave – after climbing those steps.


Thor’s Cave in the Manifold Valley


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