Diamonds of memory

This is a sponsored guest post on the topic of continuing bonds.
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People are now making diamonds from their deceased loved one or their own hair

The ceremonies, rituals, and memorials surrounding the death of a loved one help people process the emotions of grief. For many, the service held following the demise of a loved one is therapeutic as people recall memories and comfort others who were close with the person that died. Scattering the cremated ashes in a place that held special meaning to the deceased is another example of a ritual done to honor the departed that also promotes acceptance and provides meaning to the bereaved.

Modern practices of celebrating the life of a loved one have brought about new tributes and ways of honouring their memory. Creating a diamond from the ashes of a loved one is a newer memorial trend that helps the bereaved work through grief. People find comfort in having a physical piece of the one that passed away, immortalized, by having it transformed into a timeless keepsake.

How does this work?

Technology has been around for a few decades to create pure-carbon man-made diamonds in the laboratory setting. Because pure carbon molecules are arranged in a crystalline matrix to form a diamond, carbon can be used to grow a diamond. A sample of cremated ashes or hair can be exposed to extreme heat in order to extract the carbon that is then used to grow the diamond.

Then, this pure carbon, which came from the organic material, is added to a diamond-growing foundation. This foundation is placed inside the high-pressure high-temperature (HPHT) machine where it faces conditions that are the same as those that carbon deep within the Earth’s mantle experienced when it became diamonds underground. Inside the HPHT machine, the carbon sample is exposed to temperatures in excess of 2000℃ and pressure which rises to more than 60,000 atmospheres. A real diamond with all the characteristics of a mined-diamond is grown in just a few weeks.

Options to Create a Highly Personal Diamond

Cremation is now more popular than burials in the United Kingdom, therefore more often people are searching for unique memorials that can be made out of the ashes of a loved one. However, for those that choose burial for their loved one, there is still a way to turn the loved one into a stunning diamond simply by sending in a sample of their hair.

Adding a deeper sentiment by combining the physical matter of two or more people forever, cremated ashes and hair can be mixed to form one diamond. Many people decide to add their own hair to the ashes or hair of a loved one. Others combine hair from all family members with ashes or hair from the deceased. It’s this very personalized approach that makes lab-grown diamonds made from the remains of a loved one such an effective tool for remembering the departed and processing grief.

Get started now! Create your very own memorial diamond today.




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