Retreat pictures

Candlelighting prayer – a time to remember, a time for hope

Everything ready for our felting activity

A peek out at the view from the window of our meeting room

Our Living with Loss retreat at Lee Abbey in Devon finished yesterday. It is a bit hard to explain the journey we go on together, as we look at the sadness and confusion that has accompanied the losses in our lives,  yet also – hopefully – gain a bit more hope for our journey ahead.

John and I were so tired yesterday we decided to stop over in a Travelodge before setting off home. Refreshed after a decent night’s sleep, today we could face the motorway trip northward. And I think it’s a bit of an analogy of a retreat. When we are so weary with life, for whatever reason, the journey ahead can seem impossible. Just too long, too hard. But if we take a bit of a break, sit back, have a rest, get a bit refreshed, then the road might not seem quite so insurmountable and unbearable.

Well, my coffee is finished now and the road beckons. More again soon.


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