The uniqueness of each grief experience


They’re all cups – a solid receptacle for holding a liquid – but beyond that sameness each has different features.

Which cup or mug would you choose? Something plain, something decorated? Something small, something larger?

What would you drink in your cup? – Tea, coffee, chocolate, herbal tea? How would you take it – with milk, cream, lemon? Sugar, artificial sweetener, honey? Would you choose the same drink if it was a hot summer’s day or a cold winter’s evening?

The basics of grief are the same for all of us. We’re living with loss.

But beyond that sameness each of us is different. Different backgrounds and personalities, different circumstances. Different losses.

Just one of the perspective we’ll explore in the Living with Loss Retreat starting next Monday at the Greenhouse Christian Centre.

(It’s not too late for a last minute booking. See Retreats)




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