Coming soon…more resources, retreats

This is a quick note with some practical info. I’m planning on putting more supportive resources on this blog, so please keep an eye on the tabs as they will be changing.

This will includes:

  • More links to other blogs and resources
  • More practical information
  • More signposts to where you can find out more

In addition, I’ve started a new page where I will be listing the details of forthcoming retreats and seminars that I’m leading. Most of these are going to be supportive retreats for the bereaved, though I’m also developing some shorter seminars to guide and encourage those who want to support their friends and loved ones who are struggling with their loss. These are public events that you can book onto, if you are in the area and you would like to.

(So far these events are all taking place in England, but I’m on the lookout for locations further afield, so please do if you’d be interesting in hosting an event that I could lead.)






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