Bereaved and struggling to cope? Your invitation to a supported retreat.

Coping with bereavement can be a struggle as we adjust to a life without the presence of the one who means so much to us. If he or she was our child or partner, or someone we depended on or who depended on us, or if their passing was sudden or traumatic, our grief may at times feel overwhelming. The aim of this supported retreat is to better equip us to deal with our life-changing loss. We will look at strategies for survival, creative ways to live with our loss, as well as the comfort that Jesus offers in the midst of sorrow. There will be ample time for personal reflection. Attendees will be invited to bring photographs and other items to commemorate their loved ones.

The retreat, which I am leading, is being held in the Green Pastures Christian Centre in Poole, Dorset in the south of England from 23 – 27 May 2016. You can find more information including booking a place here  or calling the Centre on 01202 764776.
You are also welcome to write to me directly if you have questions about the content of the retreat – or anything else for that matter!

I haven’t been to the Centre yet, but it looks beautiful, with gardens, an art lounge, even a heated outdoor swimming pool. It’s a residential retreat, full board.

You are welcome no matter what type of loss you are dealing with – a child, parent, partner or friend, or multiple losses. Please note that the retreat has a gentle Christian basis, in much the same tone as my book, but it won’t be discussing much about the life beyond, as the focus is surviving this one. The theme is living with loss, and that is mostly referring to the here and now.

(PS. On a personal note, as you can tell by this, I am recovering from my cancer surgery, slowly but surely, and am quite hopeful about the future.)


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