Scotland tour: Memorials, grief and love

It’s been awhile since I posted anything here; my husband and I were up in Scotland. I loved the wild beauty of the Highlands.

It was a summer break from home, and without good internet connections for much of the time, I left aside this blog – and virtually everything else. But you know the song, “love is all around us, everywhere we go”? I kept singing a revised refrain to myself: “grief is all around us, everywhere we go.” Whether it was an ancient graveyard or monument, or a contemporary “memory tree” for babies in the Inverness Botanical Gardens, the paths I walked on carried echoes of countless grieving men and women through the years. Their love for the ones they had lost was palpable.

In those circumstances, with so many reminders, I did not feel so alone in my own grief. I hope you too will feel a little comfort today, realising that you are not alone in the struggles of coping with a life-changing loss, and that this path, though long and painful, can be survived.

Grief is all around us, but so is love.

Another valley journey: Glen Affric, Scottish Highlands

Another valley journey: Glen Affric, Scottish Highlands


Memory Tree for Babies – Inverness Botanical Gardens


SiMBA – the charity who organised the memorial tree for babies at Inverness Botanical Gardens


Ancient grief. Figure in the ruins of Beauly Abbey


A memorial to a child. In Greyfriars Cemetery, Edinburgh


Greyfriars Bobby – the faithful Edinburgh dog who remained loyal to his master, even after death. He loved and was loved in return.


Field of Flowers: A living memorial for the centenary of the first world war. Edinburgh Botanical Gardens.


Memorial for those lost at sea. In Mallaig, which is a small town where you can catch the ferry to the Isle of Skye (just like in the Skye Boat Song)


Second World War Memorial – near Fort William. It is hard to imagine the scale of loss during the war. Brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, friends, husbands, wives, children and babies.


War Graves Monument near Fort William. It was moving to see the plaques and flowers, some freshly laid.

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