Forget not

It’s odd, isn’t it, how death can make the headlines and dominate the news,  but days later, seems to be all but forgotten in the public consciousness.

The German plane crashed into the mountain, thousands buried under the rubble of Nepal, ebola victims in Africa, Yazidis and Christians of Iraq, the road accident victim we read about in the local paper. If we are not personally impacted…if it was not our friend, relative or neighbour who lost their life, we refresh the screen, retune the radio, turn the page and go to the next story.

But each of those people, young or old, breathed the breath of life, their hearts beat and their blood flowed. No more now. A soul, a consciousness beyond the physical body lives on, as many – but not all – believe. But the physical, immediate presence has gone.

They were loved (we hope) and are now missed. Sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, cousins and friends; work colleagues and those who knew them through life’s daily interactions. They have left a gap.

We cannot each take on the suffering of the world, nor lay a bouquet at every graveside.  God can, I believe, and perhaps one of my most heartfelt prayers now is for the comfort of those who are bereft. The headlines changed, but their loss remains.



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