It’s been more than a month since I’ve posted. Life got incredibly busy as I got involved helping a couple of old friends who showed up where I live in urgent need of health and social care. They’ve never had children and have no family within helping reach, so it was a crash course in trying to get things sorted. (And very much on theme for the Aging without Children Conference I’m on my way to now.)

Supporting my friends also meant reliving some of the most difficult times of my daughter’s life, as the wife was admitted to a psychiatric ward. There have also been parallels to my other recent bereavements, as the husband in this couple suffers from epilepsy, as my brother did, etc., and etc.

The reminders of previous sorrows, coming as they did in vivid living colour, had quite an impact on me. I never would have chosen to once again spend Christmas Day visiting a mental hospital but there I was.

It’s all been quite a strain, but I survived. Thankfully we’re on the way to things being sorted for them, and I’m coming up for air again.

Hope I’ll be back on track with this blog and hope to have more news and views coming your way.


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