Health problems following loss/grief

They say that when you fall in love the grass looks brighter, you have a spring in your step. When something really good has happened, the tiresome aspects of your day aren’t such a bother, much like a water skier who is pulled along, whizzing over the waves.

To have a heart broken by grief is the opposite. Life can lose its lustre. Problems can seem insurmountable.  A bout of sickness or longterm pain that used to be manageable becomes much less so.

Well, that’s been my experience but not mine alone. Here’s an interesting link

Best to take care of ourselves as well as we can.


One thought on “Health problems following loss/grief

  1. Yes, this is very true. Gino came down with type 2 diabetes shortly after Natie passed away and I developped severe arthrose, while other ailments were amplified. We are so thankful, after over 2 years, to have been healed.


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